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World of Whorecraft – professional analysis

Have you heard about World of Whorecraft before? If not, you're in for a big treat! As a parody of Blizzard's hit MMORPG World of Warcraft, this particular game is all about bringing the erotic side of Azeroth to the forefront of the gaming experience. We're talking about NPCs who want to fuck, sexy outfits that you can loot, lewd stories from history you can read and so on. I'm keen to try this game out, so let's go ahead and do exactly that – onward we go to the World of Whorecraft!

First thoughts on World of Whorecraft

For a parody game, I'm amazed at just how much attention they've placed on the elements of World of Warcraft everyone loves so much. What I really noticed was that World of Whorecraft feels a lot more like Classic than it does Retail – that's going to be a major selling point for all the folks out there that like to kick it old school. In terms of interface, you've got a lot of options to fiddle with, as well as a talent tree to look into, cool items to equip and everything else. The gameplay element without the porn is actually quite fun, but the whole erotic side here on World of Whorecraft is something truly magical.

World of Whorecraft quests

The questing system isn't like standard MMORPGs: you won't be tasked with killing 10 boars or looting 5 goblin chins – it's much more based around saucy stuff, such as stealing a pair of panties, seducing an NPC, finding erotic artwork and so on. Almost all of the quest givers also have the ability for you to fuck them if you develop enough of a reputation with them – this requires the completion of lots of quests or alternatively, giving them valuable drops that raise your reputation levels. You can also look outfits for yourself and for others that you can give for them to wear. The uniforms are all really quite sexy and yeah – they look damn hot in their new outfits.

World of Whorecraft dungeons

I played World of Whorecraft for around 90 minutes and did manage to get partway through a dungeon – sadly, I was a bit under leveled, so I couldn't complete it. Still, the experience was fun and I've got no doubt that if I had a party to assist me, we'd have kicked that boss's ass, no questions asked. From the codex that was available, it would appear that World of Whorecraft currently has 7 dungeons for you to play, with each one having a 'hard mode', which offers greater rewards, but is more difficult to complete.

My conclusion on World of Whorecraft

I'll be honest here: I don't think I've come across a porn parody game executed as well as World of Whorecraft is. This is truly something special and anyone who plays it is going to tell you exactly the same thing. I hope that this continues to be actively developed because all WoW nerds are going to be playing it non-stop once they catch on to how good it is. Hell, I might even play this once I've uploaded my review – it's really that good! Thanks for reading and have a great day. 

Review Pros

  • Stellar graphics
  • Good quest system
  • Sexy NPCs

Review Cons

  • English only
  • Average music

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