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Monster Sex Games: our honest opinion

Welcome to yet another high quality review on our platform devoted to the best games around! Today, we're going to be signing up and signing into Monster Sex Games, a destination that claims to have some of the best, most twisted fantasy game offerings out there. The tour looks fantastic and we've heard some great things about their productions, but how will the reality pan out? Continue reading and we'll give you our complete, thorough analysis of Monster Sex Games. This is going to be one platform to remember, that's for sure!

First thoughts on Monster Sex Games

So the first thing that I want you to pay attention to is that Monster Sex Games is actually a collection of titles, as opposed to just being a single release. There are 6 games in total here, with 2 currently being developed for release further down the track. Monster XXXGames launched its studio back in April of 2017 – this suggests that they put a lot of effort into developing their current games extensively, as opposed to putting out average titles that are done and dusted within 30 minutes of playing them. This has pros and cons, but we'll have to try out some of their product before deciding which way it leans. With that in mind, let's talk about Monster Games' collection.

Elders of Oakwood on Monster Porn Games

The first game I played was called Elders of Oakwood – the title might not sound erotic, but the game very much is. You'll begin by picking a gender, race and class – it's somewhat similar to Skyrim, although you have a lot more control over how your character looks physically. The game has a 'straight' and 'gay/lesbian' option, so if you're a male character and want to have sex with other male characters, you can do this without issue – same goes for women. After you've finished with the visual design of your character, go ahead and pick its special attributes and personality features. These are sliding scales with a total maximum, so you'll basically have to prioritize some features over others. It's a nice system – quite similar to Fallout. Various checks can be utilized to pass certain quests, unlock bonus side missions and enter areas you're generally not allowed into.

The gameplay itself is pretty fun – the quests and combat are okay, but the real selling point here is that you can interact with pretty much every NPC and fuck them if you so desire. Some are tempted by physical strength or intelligence, others wealth or charm. It's up to you to basically train all of these characteristics so you're a perfect hunk of monk – that way, you'll be able to bone whoever you want! I must give credit for the graphics here: they're some of the best I've come across.

Interstellar Erotica on Monster Sex Games

I also had the time to try out Interstellar Erotica while I was here: this isn't really much of a 'game' in terms of moving around a character or anything – it's similar to a choose your own adventure story. You find yourself on a space ship in an unexplored area of space – one filled with super-horny mutants, aliens and associated entities. How you choose to interact with these new species is entirely up to you – though sex is always an option. The writing was quite impressive and I've got no doubt that the nerds of you out there are going to love this one. As with Elders of Oakwood, you're able to go through Interstellar Erotica as either a male or female character. There's some replay value because of that, so definitely consider trying it out from the other side and exploring different options with regard to how you interact with everything.

Conclusion on Monster Sex Games

So when all is said and done, Monster Porn Games is actually a pretty decent project and I'm pleased to give this place an honest recommendation for anyone to check out and try. I was blown away by the quality of the productions – they've clearly put a lot of time, effort and energy into producing these games. They even have 50 or so 3D rendered porn videos with different monsters and races of people fucking one another. The audio isn't the greatest but the visual quality is something else! Anyway friends: that's all for today. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great squeeze when visiting Monster Porn Games! 

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