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Violent Sex Games: Our Official Review

Everyone knows that when it comes to the modern era of sex, a little bit of violence is never a bad idea. Girls these days are addicted to the idea of being used and abused – choked and spanked – all in the pursuit of sexual pleasure. Lots of guys like that too, which is why communities like ViolentSexGames have become so popular in recent years. As the name would suggest, this is a place where you can play XXX titles entirely devoted to ladies being punished for their deviant sexual desires. I'm going to be writing up a full review on what ViolentSexGames has to offer down below, so let's continue on and give this place a full, thorough and complete rundown!

First Impressions Of Violent Sex Games

When writing this review, Violent Games was sitting in a collection of 42 games in total, with new ones being added once every 6 weeks. The schedule is a little loose, but you're pretty much guaranteed to get 8 to 10 new releases on a yearly basis: stellar for those who wish to join a community that regularly adds fresh entertainment for anyone who wants to enjoy it. I'll also point out that Violent Games is a studio and a publisher, meaning that these releases are entirely exclusive to this platform and you won't find them anywhere else on the Internet. Let's break one of these violent porn games down so you can get an idea of what they're all about.

Playing Bondage Simulator On Violent XXX Games

Everyone knows that bondage and violence go hand in hand, right? Well that's probably why Bondage Simulator is such a smash hit with the members of ViolentSexGames – it's a great place to take out your anger on a submissive, erotic slave. The central premise here is that you're a master who's looking to recruit fresh meat, which you'll initially do by looking through the city and going to a variety of locations. You can choose a high school, shopping mall, bar, strip club, Internet café and so on. Each place has a few different ladies that you can pick up and interact with, although you'll have to use your wits to talk to them appropriately – not every woman out there is an easy catch!

Once you've found a target, you'll be able to invite her back to your sex dungeon where you can undertake the various tasks required to get them prepared for some hardcore domination. These girls are quite submissive when required to be, although it might take you a bit of training before they're willing to truly give themselves over to you. What I loved about Bondage Simulator was the sheer range of toys, positions, scenarios and activities to engage in. We're talking face spitting, throat fucking, nipple torture, wax play, electrocution and straight-up extreme, hardcore fucking. Great game that I recommend you play first when you create an account at Violent Porn Games!

More Options And Bonuses At Violent Porn Games

I tried out 5 other games while here, including BDSM Club Manager, Anal Abuse and World of Wild Whores. Some games are a little more violent than others, but the central premise of women being disposable is a concept that runs throughout all of these titles. I think that anyone who's seriously keen for some violent XXX gaming is going to have a field day with the options – this studio pulls no punches (quite literally!). I should also mention that alongside all of the games, you've also got some BDSM sex videos that you can watch. There are 600+ at the moment, with new additions provided on a daily basis. You're not able to download these, but you can stream them directly from the website in full 1080p. ViolentSexGames licenses these HD, full-length bondage videos from popular third-party studios.

Our Final Thoughts On ViolentSexGames

That's pretty much all that needs to be said with regard to ViolentSexGames – I hope the information I've provided has been sufficient so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to sign up. Honestly, the sheer variety of games on offer here, as well as the bonus material, is enough for me to give it my official seal of approval. Recommending this hub is easy, simply because it's offering an incredible level of adult gaming fun completely free of charge. It's hard to say fairer than that! Thanks for reading and I hope you'll enjoy your time at ViolentSexGames as much as I have. Take care and happy jerking!

Review Pros

  • Lots of violence
  • Regular content patches
  • Free bonus BDSM content

Review Cons

  • English only
  • Average FPS

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