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Sex Slave Games: official XXX review

Whether you've come across Sex Slave Games before or have just heard about it, you might find this review of the platform useful for the purposes of deciding whether or not it's the place for you to go online for XXX gaming fun. My job is to head on over to this promising hub to see what's on offer, try out a few of their games and then give a final opinion and analysis with regard to whether signing up is a good idea. Sound like something you might be interested in? Then continue reading and we'll talk all about what Sex Slave Games is about!

The member's area of Sex Slave Sex Games explained

Signing up and signing into Sex Slave Games for the first time took around a minute in total – getting inside seems to be streamlined to the max and I was really impressed with just how quickly pages loaded and content was served. Currently, the team behind Sex Slave Games have a collection of 24 titles, although they only launched at the start of 2018 and seem to add new titles to try out around once every two months. What's quite cool about Sex Slave Games is the fact that all of their published releases are exclusive to the website – they have an in-house production team and only give you access to stuff they've made themselves. This means that bug fixes and new content updates are able to be completed on a regular basis – Sex Slave Games is always updating their games individually to make them better.

Trying out the best of Sex Slave Games

I decided to go ahead and sort the games here based on ratings – this ought to give me a good idea of what the best releases on offer are. Turns out that BDSM Heights Simulator is the number one release and that seems to be for good reason: I had such an incredible time playing it and I've got no doubt that you will too. You'll find yourself in a wealthy neighborhood surrounded by a treasure trove of women who're looking to be sexually adventurous. You can choose to play as a dominant or a submissive although for me, this wasn't much of a choice: you better believe I'm going to get a whole swath of loyal sex slaves to do whatever I tell them.

BDSM Heights Simulator gives you complete control over the setting of your sexual scenarios, as well as what tools are used, what outfits are worn and so on. This is very much a simulator as the title suggested: the plot is relatively thin but you can control the action and make it your own. I had a lot of fun playing this one and I can see why it's so highly rated. I do want to give a massive shout out to the artwork team too – this game looked incredible! It's rare you see something so visually stunning but when you do, you've got to give credit where it's due.

Other Sex Slave Porn Games releases

I'll also recommend you give a little look at Suburban School Submissives: this is a dating simulator of sorts, only all of the girls that you meet and chat to are able to become your playthings in the most erotic of contexts. This one requires a bit more time to get into the action, but if you communicate with the girls well and answer their questions in the way they want, you'll be able to fuck them however you please. Sex Slave Games seems to take great pride in their dialog options here – the language is clearly written by a native English team and they've done a great job of capturing mood and sexual tension in the text. I liked how you had to build you character up to please some of the school girls and teachers too – basically everyone's available for you to fuck!

Conclusion on Sex Slave Games

For anyone who loves a good BDSM title, I think it goes without saying that Sex Slave Games is really worth checking out. I've yet to find a hub of games that allow you to dominate this many NPCs – it's so much fun to date, destroy and skull fuck until you're jerking off non-stop. With so many available games and even free bonus BDSM videos from various studios that come with your membership, it ought to go without saying that Sex Slave Games is really quite something. Anyway – thanks for reading and have a great time checking out the stellar array of games that this place has to offer. 

Review Pros

  • Great BDSM games
  • Good support team
  • Quality in-game writing

Review Cons

  • Cannot download videos
  • Incredibly addictive

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