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VR Fuck Dolls: my professional analysis

VR Full Dolls is, as the name might suggest, a game devoted to showing you the very best in virtual reality entertainment. One thing I want to stress from the start here is that while VR Fuck Dolls initially started off as just a single game, you can actually play many more once inside – read our review on VR Porn Games for more details on the complete portal. In this analysis, we're just going to be looking at VR Fuck Dolls and considering whether or not it's any good. So with that in mind, let's crack on with things and put this game to the test. Will it weather the storm or crash and burn? Read on to find out!

First opinion on VR Fuck Dolls

The first thing that I ought to mention with regard to VR Fuck Dolls is that it's able to be played in your browser or downloaded locally for gaming off of your hard drive. I tried VR Fuck Dolls in Chrome, Opera and Edge – all of them worked totally fine. I have heard that there are some lag issues with Firefox, but I didn't seem to have an issues when I quickly tried it out. Now while there is a non-VR version of VR Fuck Dolls available, I recommend getting a headset if you want to take full advantage of what this studio has produced. I'm currently using a VIVE, but I've heard that OR, PS4VR and Google Cardboard are all fine – suffice to say that if you've got a VR headset, it's probably going to be compatible with VR Fuck Dolls.

Loading up VR Fuck Dolls

The first thing I liked about VR Fuck Dolls is the sheer amount of control you have over the characters that appear in the sex scenes. The game comes with premade sprites if you'd prefer for them to give a suggestion – they even have realistic pornstar renderings if you want to fuck Alexis Texas, Piper Perri or Asa Akira to name but a few. The custom option is also great, since you can control so much here. This includes stuff like waist to hip ratio, nipple shape, asshole color, thigh thickness and so on. When it comes to creating the perfect sex partner, no one gives you the tools to do it quite like VR Fuck Dolls do!

After you've created the character(s) you want to interact with, pick a location, build your own profile and get down to it! There are personality modes here which are quite cool and allow you to control whether the person you're having sex with is submissive, dominant, cute, shy, aggressive, crazy or just addicted to sex – fun stuff, eh? VR Fuck Dolls also has a whole collection of outfits you can utilize, as well as further ones to unlock after you've earned enough 'orgasm points'. These act as the game's primary currency and allow you to do lots of things. It's all good stuff and yeah, VR Fuck Dolls even has dozens of positions for you to try out, as well as advanced features such as hand positioning, lighting and so on. The fun just doesn't stop and to be honest, we don't want it to!

The downsides of VR Fuck Dolls

It makes sense to balance out reviews whenever possible, so let's talk about the negatives of VR Fuck Dolls. For starters, Linux users will probably be left behind – they have no compatible version at the moment and it doesn't seem like they're working on it either. Additionally, VR Fuck Dolls has a pretty average download speed if you want to store it locally. I managed to reach 5 MB/s – that's far below that I'm capable of maxing out at. The full download took about 30 minutes which isn't terrible, but it would've taken less than 10 if my connection had been fully utilized.

Final thoughts on VR Fuck Dolls

Okay folks – that's pretty much all I have to say about VR Fuck Dolls. There are bonus games as mentioned, but I suggest reading our VR Porn Games review for details on that. Overall, my experience here was absolutely fantastic – anyone with a virtual reality headset who's looking for some games to play would be wise to head on over to VR Fuck Dolls right now: I guarantee that you won't be disappointed with what they have to offer! Anyhow, thanks for reading and have a great day jerking off to the amazing virtual reality XXX gaming that's waiting for you!

Review Pros

  • Great quality VR game
  • Bonus titles to play
  • Supports all major devices

Review Cons

  • Average download speed
  • No Linux support

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