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Our Sex Simulator Review

Howdy friends – welcome to a review on the platform known as Sex Simulator! Today, we'll be taking you through one of the best archives around for gaming goodness – a destination that dozens of people have emailed us about for the purposes of reviewing. The name suggests positive things and the tour does too, but will the interior give us the experience we desire? There's only one way to find out, so continue reading and we'll get to the bottom of what Sex Simulator has to offer and whether or not it's any good. I personally can't wait to see what's on the other side, so let's go and find out!

First thoughts on Sex Simulator

The first thing to note about Sex Simulator is the fact that this is one fully developed, high quality production. Sex Simulator was first released to the masses in October of 2018 and they've continued to patch it with new content every month since then. As the name suggests, this is all about giving you the ability to fuck whoever you want, wherever you want. Sex Simulator begins with having you design your own character (can pick male or female) and then offers you the ability to pick from a collection of predesigned opposite gender models or alternatively, you can create your own.

The self-creation tool is really cool: you can practically create any woman on the planet. You'll have options regarding body shape, hip width, pussy appearance, tit size, hair color, pubic hair composition and so on. I really loved just how comprehensive the tool was – hell, you can even cycle through 10 different buttholes and 6 different shades! That's what I'm talking about. The predesigned models are worth taking a look at, though: especially since they've included around 30 options that actually represent real-world women. We're talking pornstars like Piper Perri, Riley Reid and Alexis Texas and more – additionally, you'll find a few celebrities here, including Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. You've got to give it to the development team here: they've done a stellar job of creating these models to make them look absolutely stunning.

Costumes at Sex Simulator

As you can probably guess, a large part of the experience at Sex Simulator revolves around location and outfits – while you might prefer to fuck chicks completely nude, you can keep them in some clothing if you want, as well as engage in foreplay while they're still dressed up. There were around 50 to 200 different options in each category (so panties, dresses, hats, pants and so on) and the ability to unlock extra ones using Orgasm Tokens. You gather Orgasm Tokens by successfully making girls cum during the simulation itself – it's not that difficult and I think some of the unlocks are really quite interesting. They can also be spent on new locations and various models if you so desire. Sex Simulator really does push the envelope when it comes to a fully inclusive experience, that's for sure.

Sex Simulator: the erotic experience

The great thing about Sex Simulator is that you basically have full control over the erotic interactions. We're talking 100+ positions to work with and an extra 'free control' mode that'll enable you to put both characters into whatever angles or spaces you want. Sex Simulator also has some voice acting and will allow you to pick different personalities, so if you want a shy girl who's going to whimper, that's a choice. You can also go down the 'total slut' route and she'll talk as if she's addicted to cock and won't be able to stop fucking you. Graphically, Sex Simulator is one of the most beautiful and polished games I've come across. The tour does a great job of showing you just how stellar the graphics are – they've really outdone themselves when it comes to the visual aesthetic of their product.

Final words regarding Sex Simulator

Okay gang – that's all I've got to cover on Sex Simulator for now. I think I've given you a fantastic entry-level look at the product and you can probably decide for yourself already if it's going to be something you're interested in. Bottom line here is that I highly recommend you try it out – Sex Simulator has so many things going for it and I doubt you'll be disappointed with what you find. It works with all major browsers and you can even download it to your computer if you want a local copy. Cheers for reading and I hope your next jerkoff session is the best ever – likely due to how insanely good this porn game is! 

Review Pros

  • Great game graphics
  • Lots of models
  • Regular content updates

Review Cons

  • English only support
  • Ads

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